Get Adriana Lima’s Super Sultry Look!

Get the Look: Adriana Lima


In celebration of the beautiful Adriana Lima’s 32nd birthday, we’re revealing how to get one of her most stunning looks!

For those sultry eyes, apply a wash of  Warm Nectar Eye Shadow across the upper lid. Use Opaline Creme Eye Definer in Aurora to line the inner rim of the eye, as well as upper & lower- it won’t smudge or transfer! Warm Smoke Eye Shadow will have an eye brightening effect when applied to the inner corners (and a little below the lower lash line) of the eyes. Finish up with a natural flush by using Rebecca’s Favorite Blush on the cheeks and a bold coral lipstick, we like Copacabana.

….. and, Voila! You’ve got the look!





MAC Hey Sailor! Limited Edition Collection - Amplified Salute!

Discontinued Lipstick Match: MAC Amplified Salute!

Ahoy, mates! We’ve news from the hi seas – discontinued lipstick MAC, Amplified Salute! from the Hey Sailor limited edition collection is available in our online archive of discontinued shades. It’s an opaque, full coverage, neutral peach lipstick with a swashbuckling nautical theme, perfect for summer nights spent seaside!

For this and other hidden makeup treasures, be sure to “Search Discontinued Shades” on our website,


Discontinued Lipstick Match (Angelina Jolie’s Fave Nude!): Guerlain, Divinora 480

Celebrate Angelina Jolie’s birthday in her favorite nude lipstick, Guerlain’s Divinora 480! Discontinued many moons ago, our Color Specialists picked up where the company left off and recreate the shade especially for Angelina… and all the other Divinora 480 lovers! If you too think this might be your perfect nude lipstick, see here. We’ll recreate it for you too!

Discontinued Lipstick Match: Guerlain, Divinora 480

Behind the Scenes: Creating Custom Makeup & Matching Discontinued Lipsticks at Three Custom Color Specialists

A behind the scenes look at Three Custom Color Specialists’ Beauty Lab where Color Specialists hand-blend custom cosmetics and discontinued makeup products. Here, our Creative Director and Co-Founder, Chad Hayduk, is putting his skills to the test by  recreating a discontinued lipstick live for Clearvision host, Annamaria Chen.


Founded in 1997, Three Custom Color Specialists offers exclusive Custom Blended and Ready-to-Wear color cosmetics for the eyes, lips, cheeks and face embracing all skin tones. Three Custom Color Specialists’ unique expertise in custom blending has led to more than 250 Ready to Wear products and an archive of more than 9,000 discontinued shades of lipsticks dating back to the 1930s. Three Custom Color Specialists’ products are available at select beauty boutiques worldwide, via the hotline at 888.262.7714 at their Color Studio in New York City and online at

Good Makeup DOES Go Bad: How To Know When Makeup’s Expired

Danger, beauties! Do you know what’s lurking in your makeup bag?

Though makeup’s expiration date may not be as externally evident as food, the risk for breeding harmful bacteria that can lead to infections is still present. Odds are you’re adorning your face in expired makeup, but it’s never too late to make a change.

Begin calculating the expiration date for the following products from the moment you first use them:

  • Powders and shadows: 2 years
  • Cream shadows: 12 to 18 months
  • Foundation: 1 year
  • Lipstick & lip liner: 1 year
  • Mascara & eyeliners: 3 months
  • Makeup brushes: Clean weekly using a mild detergent
  • Makeup sponges: Replace weekly, or when sponge becomes soiled


Tips for Clean Skin and Unsullied Makeup:

  • Preserve Preservatives – Ironic, right? Cosmetics contain preservatives that are best preserved by storing them out of sunlight and always, always tightly closing products.
  • Over Pumping – Don’t continuously pump your mascara wand into the tube. This forces airborne bacteria into the tube that then festers in the closed, humid environment. Instead, when pulling out the wand, twist the wand in order to minimize the trapped air for as long as possible.
  • Smell Test – Take a whiff of your cosmetics and if they exude an usual odor, consider yourself warned – let them go. Same goes for a change in color or texture.
  • Keep Pencils Sharp – Sharpen pencil lip liners and eye liners before each use to decrease the bacteria that grew since the last use.
  • Sampling Spots – Department store sampling is a risky endeavor. If you do test, never apply products directly; instead use a clean disposable applicator (i.e., cotton swab, sponge.
  • Warning – Do NOT share eye products and refrain from using them if you have an eye infection.
  • Store makeup in a clean, dry place. Naturally, that makes the bathroom the WORST place. If possible, we recommend your at-home preservation device, the refrigerator.

It may be tough, but please people, throw makeup away!

Facebook Inspiration to Three Custom Product: Pink Sparkle Lips!


Inspiration: Pink Sparkle Lips from Facebook

Your Facebook influence is bigger than big – we’re talking epic proportions! We were flooded with comments to recreate a lip color in an image we posted on Facebook (image above) and decided to do it! That’s the beauty of being custom blending specialists; we can turn on a dime to bring your makeup desires to life! Marisa Fazzina, our Senior Color Specialist, details the creative process behind this pretty pink lip gloss… And if you’re not following us on Facebook, I think you should,

pink sparkle lips

Result: Pink Sparkle Lips

One of my favorite things to do is translate various color references into cosmetic products.  Sometimes it’s taking a non-makeup item such as fabric or a paint swatch and interpreting that into makeup that’s wearable, applies smoothly, and has a great texture. That’s where my experience as a makeup artist really comes in handy. 

In this instance, the reference was a beauty image of lips that are light pink topped with gold glitter – a fabulous look, but not so comfortable to wear in real life.  Plus it’s two layers.  When asked to turn this reference into one product to “get the look,” I have to not only consider the original visual, but also the person wearing it.  This means how convenient will it be, is it easy to apply, and most importantly, how does it feel on the lips.  By interpreting it into a gloss and using our Crystal Clear formula as a base to buoy the sparkles, it becomes all of those things… and pretty too!

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