Trae’s Beauty Trends Spring ’09 Part 1 of 2

Hello All and Happy Fashion Week!
This season is off to an exciting start with gorgeous, eclectic fashion with makeup to match. Below, I have provided a rundown of the trends I’ve seen so far as well as some looks that I found extraordinary.

THE DESIGNERS: Carolina Herrera, Rock & Republic, Halston, DVF, Alexander Wang.
The Look: Black lined eyes, blended out with soft blueish greys. The lips and cheeks are a cool, fleshy tone.
To get the look, we recommend: Three Custom Color Specialists’ Black Eye Liner, Cool Smoke Eye Shadow and Cool Lilac Eye Shadow. Warm Lavender Lipstick on the lips and Violet Lotus Watercolours for Cheeks.

The Look(s): There were lot of red lips out there, some warm and bricky (50’s style) and some cool and berry (40’s style). Many red lips were paired with a luminous highlighted face, which is a lovely combination, especially when the focus is on the lips and the rest of the face is soft and glowing.

THE DESIGNERS: Benjamin Cho and Cynthia Steffe
To Get the Look, we recommend: Cool Red Lipstick on the lips, a very soft application of Scarlet Peony Watercolours for Cheeks and then highlight the face with our NEW! Afterglow Moodlighting Shimmer Creme, futher accenting the highlighting effect with Champagne Eye Shadow (one of our best kept secrets).

THE DESIGNERS: Lela Rose, Prouenza Schouler and Tuleh
To get the look, we recommend: Our NEW! Ballet Russe Lipstick on the lips, our NEW! On Fire Mood Lighting Shimmer Creme on the Cheeks and highlighting the face with our NEW! Afterglow Mood Lighting Shimmer Creme.

THE DESIGNERS: Peter Som, Tracy Reese, Mizrahi, Erin Fetherston
To get the look, we recommend: Our NEW! Mood Lighting Shimmer Cremes in On Fire and Afterglow. Alternate sculpting and highlighting with these new shimmer crèmes in our unique Crème to Powder formulation. To create more drama, set off the Afterglow with Champagne Eye Shadow

THE DESIGNER: Catherine Malandrino
The Look: gorgeous smokey grey/lilac eyes, with luminescent skin and a soft salmon tone on the lips and cheeks. **This is the look I’ve seen so far that best embodies the clothes, which are feminine and ethereal.

To get the look, we recommend: Smoke Eye Liner blended out with Cool Lilac Eye shadow. Coral Waterlily Watercolours for Cheeks and Warm Peach Lip Gloss. Use our NEW! Afterglow Mood Lighting Shimmer Crème to highlight the face.

THE DESIGNER: Nicole Miller
The Look: Very heavy, super smokey eye using deep purples, blacks and bronze. Soft lips & cheeks. Sexy!

To get the look, we recommend: Black Eye Liner, Cool Aubergine Eye Shadow, NEW! Gilded Eye Shadow, NEW! Wallflower Watercolours for Cheeks (on lips and cheeks) and Bellini Lip Gloss (used over the Wallflower).

**As everyone has different taste, we will make recommendations for these looks as well 😉

The Look: Eyes literally drowning in Icey blue, bright peach cheeks and silvery lips. Only pretty on one or two of the models.

To get the look: Cool Sky Eye shadow, blended out with Opal Eye Shadow. Poppy Lip & Cheek Stain and Champagne Eye shadow mixed with Crystal Clear Lip Gloss.

The Look: a fairly benign makeup look overall that is accented by oddly colored brows (dark blue??). hhmmm….

To get the look: Create a bronzed look with NEW! On Fire Mood Lighting Shimmer Crèmes. Create heavy brows with Cool Midnight Eye Shadow (or Cool Brown Sugar Eye Shadow for a more subdued version of this look).

THE DESIGNER: Narcisco Rodriguez
The Look: An otherwise understated face, with black liquid eye liner all around the eyes. This looked quite heavy handed on many of the models

To get the look: Rose Creme to Powder Blush on the lips and cheeks, Cool Camel Eye Shadow on the eye lids and Cool Black Eye Shadow (used wet) all around the eye (including the inner corner).

Note: A similar look was used at Matthew Williamson and because the black eye liner was smudged out, it looked very rock and roll sexy. Try that as a great alternative!

THE DESIGNER: Behnaz Serafpour (similar look was also used at Jeremy Laing, but it was more more understated – still not pretty on many of the models, though!)
The Look: Shimmering pastel blues and pinks all around the eyes. Very flushed cheeks and pink lips. While this looked lovely on a few of the models, it ended up looking bruisy on many of them.

To Get the Look: Silver Eye Shadow, Cool Sky and Cool Peony around the eyes, Pink Creme to Powder Blush on the Cheeks and Rose Quartz Lip Gloss

**Mood Lighting Shimmer Cremes will be available in mid November for Holiday

**Ballet Russe Lipstick will be available in mid September

**Gilded Eye Shadow will be available in mid September

**Wallflower Watercolours for Cheeks just became available in mid August


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