60th Annual Primetime Emmy’s Makeup Trends

We always look forward to the Emmy’s to see what’s going on in Hollywood beauty!

This year, eyes were dramatically lined on top and bottom with lots of mascara, which we felt looked great on a lot of actresses, but this application did give some actresses smaller-looking, almost squinty eyes (not everyone has the eye shape to carry this look successfully, i.e. Hayden Panetierre). We didn’t see as much smokiness as we have in recent years. Eva Longoria Parker was one of the only exceptions, and her makeup actually felt a bit overdone.

Lip color was of real interest to us this year. We knew that dark lips were coming back this season (which we were very excited about!), and the Emmy’s didn’t disappoint. There were a few throwbacks to the red carpet beige lips we’ve seen in recent years (Hayden Panettierre, Heidi Klum, Lauren Conrad), but overall, lip color was deep, in flattering mauves (Teri Hatcher, Kira Sedgwick, Vanessa Williams, Padma Lakshmi, Chandra Wilson, Mary Steenburgen) and soft Fall russets (Kate Walsh, January Jones, Christina Applegate, Susan Sarandon, America Ferrera).


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