A little bit about Oscar Beauty

As usual, (just about) everyone looked amazing at the Oscars. What struck us most about makeup were the lovely RED LIPS. Many actresses, Amy Adams, Jessica Biel, Diane Lane, Amanda Seyfried and Alicia Keys all wore a distinct shade of red. All reds were bright, moist and sheer, yet elegant. The sheerness allows the natural pink of the lips to shine through, which gives a complexity to the color and allows it to be quite flexible so it can be worn with many different gown shades – purple, pink, red and of course, black.

To get the look: Try our Ballet Russe for a cooler red, The L Word Bette for a warmer red and be sure to keep your eyes peeled in April for our brand new Frangipani Lipstick, designed by Chad after his recent trip to Seychelles. Frangipani is a sweet coral-red with stunning gold sparkle for added glamour. All 3 shades are available in our award-winning sheer formula.


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