Three Custom visits Dickey at Hair Rules

Last Friday, I finally gave in and submitted to a haircut. With my crazy curly hair, I’ve had more unhappy haircutting experiences than I care to remember, so a few years ago I just gave up and started trimming it myself. I know it sounds scary, but it actually wasn’t so bad for a while (curls hide a lot of errors!). Unfortunately, lately my hair started looking just plain crazy, so when a friend recommended Dickey at Hair Rules I gave him a call. Not only did I get a great cut, but Dickey really taught me about my hair. He is a master! He knows I want long hair eventually, but my poor hair needed a total overhaul so we went short and sassy for the summer and agreed that we would grow it out “together”, in a healthy way! Better yet, Dickey’s hair products, Hair Rules are AMAZING. My fave – Curly Whip. We’ll be doing a sampling program with Hair Rules soon with online orders, so keep your eyes peeled!


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