Go Green: How to Wear Green Eye Shadow this Spring

All shades of green were spotted all over the runways for spring. There’s no better way to rid winter doldrums than with a splash of springy greens to brighten your eyes and here’s how:

When working with any brighter eye shadow shades, apply eye makeup first as bold color against a fully finished face can look overwhelming. You might find that after you do your eyes, you don’t need anything more than a subtle lip and cheek shade- The key is balance.

If you are warm complected look for colors with more of a golden tone to them. Over a tightly lined lash line with Black or Dark Brown eye liner, try Warm Sage Eye Shadow – a shimmering khaki-olive with a dash of bronze wet along the lash line and buffed for a smoky look. Blend Warm Celery (a daring citrine shade!) with a bit of Gold eye shadow into the crease and the inner corners for a bit of contrast and pop. For even more drama pair with an orangey eye shadow like Warm Nutmeg to play off the green.

If you are cool complected, look for more pastel greens and greens with a bit of blue in them as these will look most natural on you. Over a tightly lined lash line with Smoke or Black Eye Liner, try Cool Meadow Eye Shadow – a bright, blue grass tone wet along the lash line and buffed for a smoky look. Blend a bit of Cool Celery which is a soft sea foam into the crease and the inner corners. For more drama accent with a bit of Opal Eye Shadow over Cool Meadow to give a 3-D effect.

emerald Green

For the perfect neutral, seek an eye shadow with a warm/cool color combination, like Emerald City Eye Shadow. It’s the perfect gemstone shade, infused with gold shimmer for an eye enhancing effect. Use underneath the lower lash line, wet as a cake eye liner, or as a color wash across the eye. Pantone’s Color of the Year is more wearable than you think and also pairs well with the looks referenced above.

Finish looks with plenty of black mascara on the upper lid only. On lips and cheeks, add a bit of Caramel Rose Lip and Cheek stain (an earthy, rose shade).

Quick tips:

*Green eye shadow with a subtle shimmer is ideal for daytime, while metallic tones are best for evening.

*Green eye shadow is ideal for all eye colors including brown, hazel, and blue. However, it’s best to avoid green eye shadow if you have green eyes.

*Never match your eye shadow color to your clothing.

Not sure if you’re a Cool or Warm? Visit our Cool vs. Warm Chart to find out!


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