Our Seine-Sational Tour de Paris: Food, Fun and Friends

As you know, we absolutely love to travel and last summer we re-visited our favorite city – Paris!

Every time we travel there, we get exactly what we love – cultural overload! Amazing architecture, lush vegetation (if you’re a fellow New Yorker, then you too may have a special appreciation for life outside of this concrete jungle), and grand artwork – we find something breathtaking on every trip.

Our Tour de Paris centered on food, fun, and friends, which can’t help but be amazing! This time we cozied up to the Parisian lifestyle by renting an apartment for the week. Not only were we able to embrace the local culture, but we also scooted around the steep cost of hotels. And who doesn’t love that?

Though we lived like locals, we ate like kings. You may not know this about us, but we’re foodies! We’ll try just about anything. For us, a trip wouldn’t be complete without a sampling of Paris’ culinary finesse!

Le Grand Vefour, Paris

We started our gastronomic adventure with a “day” at Le Grand Vefour. It was a meal of a lifetime and a quintessential Parisian experience.  It’s a four hour affair and after multiple amuse bouche, appetizers and entrees comes the Cheese Course! We each had a selection of four types meaning we sampled 16 different cheeses (there were four of us). Then comes the five dessert courses (yes, FIVE!) – Needless to say it’s a full day commitment.

Thomieux Restaurant, Paris

We’re still raving about the meal we had at Thomieux – c’est magnifique! Thomieux was suggested by our good friend Lili Barbery, former beauty editor at Paris Vogue, and now editrix at the uber hip Parisian blog, Ma Récréation. And yes, it’s available in English too!  Thomieux brasserie is located in one of the most charming neighborhoods near the Eiffel Tower.  Its open 7 days a week, which is rare in Paris, especially when your entire trip is based on lunch and dinner reservations!

Seine-Sational Eye Shadow

We had a lovely time and returned with so much inspiration that we created a Paris inspired eye shadow, Seine-Sational. An amazingly fitting name that our Facebook followers rightfully selected, since it captures the most majestic scene – the midnight reflection of the Eiffel Tower onto the Seine River at midnight. Dreamy, right? Our new eye shadow is equally as captivating and will be available in July 2012.

What inspires you most about Paris?

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