Ombré Lips

Ombré hair may be passé, but an ombré lip – that’s of the moment!

It may look intimidating at first, but we’re pleased to announce that this trend has BIG benefits. Not only does this 3-D lip subtly contour the mouth, but by selecting a darker shade for the periphery you’ll add definition, while a lighter tone in the middle will reflect light and create an illusion of fuller, juicier lips – who doesn’t want that! The key to keeping the look wearable is selecting a gradation of shades in the same tone.

Such as:

  • Red & Pink
  • Red & Orange
  • Wine & Red
  • Burgundy & Red

Use a firm brush to precisely apply a deep hue along the lip line. We recommend Flapper, a deep burgundy crème inspired by 1920s glamour! Then blend it toward the center. Next, brush a lighter tone, our favorite is Gamine (a bright orange-red, reminiscent of Lucy), into the middle of the top and bottom lips. For variety and simplicity, we recommend using our Century in Red Palette to create this look. It has a range of 10 irresistible reds (including the lip colors mentioned) that are perfect for creating feathered red lip!

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