The Sri Lanka Collection: 908 Carats of Prismatic Brilliance Inspire a Micro Collection of Gemstone Shades!

Sri Lanka, once known affectionately as “Ratna-Dweepa” or Gem Island, is a haven for some of the world’s most precious stones. One a recent trip, one of our Founders, Chad Hayduk, was so mesmerized by the prismatic luster of the country’s gemstones that he set out to capture their radiance stateside. The result – two shimmering shades that dazzle like their namesake stones.


Smokey Topaz Eye ShadowSMOKEY TOPAZ EYE SHADOW ($22.50) – A rich burnished gold with gleams of warm bronze and copper. Use wet or dry over the lower lid and wet along the lash line. Top with Aurora or Jupiter Crème Eye Definer for definition along the lash line.


Diamonds Are Forever Lip GlossDIAMONDS ARE FOREVER LIP GLOSS ($21.50) – A highly reflective diamond shimmer that reflects any color near it. We were inspired by the 4 C’s-color, cut, clarity and carat weight and have designed the perfect diamond gloss in a wand. Wear alone or over your favorite lipstick for a splash of “sparkling diamonds.”


Three Custom Color Specialists’ Smokey Topaz Eye Shadow and Diamonds are Forever Lip Gloss are available on




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