1920s Lips – Cupid’s Bow


Clara Bow – the IT-Girl of the Roaring Twenties – was notorious for her perfectly painted pout! Everyone wanted it! Even Betty Boop and the “boop-boop-a-doop-girl,” Helen Kane, were modeled after her prominent bow like lips. Little did the public know that lip shaping was a solution to the heat created from movie lighting – Lipstick just wouldn’t stay put! So greasepaint foundation was used to cover the natural lip line and then thumbprints were placed at the lips center, creating what we affectionately call a Cupid’s bow. The name is based on the lips resemblance to the bow of Cupid, the Roman god of erotic love. Now, when you think of the Great Gatsby years, a cupid’s bow immediately springs to mind.

If a deep “V” accents you upper lip, then you’re lucky enough to have a Cupid’s Bow. The rest of us are left to deepening or creating the “V” with a natural color lip liner and then shading the bottom lip with a darker liner to create a pout. Three Custom Color has an extensive selection of lip liners suited for creating a natural looking bow.


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