Inspirational Istanbul: Tiles,Turkish Delight &…..Pomegranate Juice?


Scott Catto, Managing Director, Three Custom Color Specialists, gives us an inside look at the Co-Founders’ recent trip to Istanbul…

Living and working in NYC we definitely get our share of Christmas cheer beginning right after Halloween.  So this year we decided to take a break and high tail it to Istanbul where we figured the daily call to prayer from the Blue Mosque might be a nice change of pace.  Little did we know that in Istanbul the Christmas holiday is actually kept alive and well in many hotels and Inns right through to New Year’s Eve.  No escaping holiday music for us!

The sights, sounds and scents in this ancient city are thrilling – The Aya Sofia houses Byzantine mosaics you saw photos of in Art History class, incredible tile work lines the walls in the Topkapi Palace Harem, there are shops filled with Turkish Delight and Baklava and spice markets where mounds of Turkish flavors go on for as far as the eye can see.

pomegranate press

Before leaving for Turkey we did quite a bit of research but never dreamed that we would come back inspired by something that was right under our noses all along:  Pomegranate Juice!  We were warned not to be tempted by the many street carts selling the juice because it tasted like medicine, but we couldn’t resist! Luck was on our side because we happened upon just the right cart where  the pomegranate juice was cut with the smallest amount of fresh orange juice taking the bitterness that many complain of AWAY!


We are now converts and purchased a commercial grade juicer – Pomegranate Juice, anyone?  Before we even touched down at JFK we knew exactly what was going to be happening in our Lab the next day and here it is – a moist, sheer sultry crimson-pink lipstick in our award winning sheer formula. It has an incredible stain, that will make you look just like you were eating fresh, juicy pomegranates!


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