OpenSky Exclusive: Eye Shadow Trio + FREE Eye Pencil by Three Custom Color Specialists

Once a year Pantone®, the company that calibrates the colors integrated into our daily lives (publishing, home furnishings, fashion, etc.), announces a ‘Color Of The Year’. For 2013 they’ve chosen Pantone® Emerald 17-5641. It’s a lively, radiant cool green that looks great against most skin-tones.

I wanted to celebrate this gorgeous color, so I worked with my friends at Three Custom Color to create a special 3 color eye shadow palette exclusively for OpenSky. Two eye makeup staples, a pale shimmering peach and a rich warm brown flank the satiny sheer green shadow. This trio creates a beautifully sophisticated, but slightly unexpected eye makeup. Even those of you that are ‘color-phobic” will feel comfortable wearing this very fashionable green shade as an accent liner or under your eyes to add some smoky color.

If you’re feeling artistic, mix the green shadow with the brown, it becomes the most gorgeous Khaki color.

Bonus Round: To make this deal even sweeter, my pals at 3CC are giving OpenSky customers a FREE Dark Brown eyeliner pencil with every palette. Now who doesn’t need a premium quality Dark Brown eyeliner, especially a free one?

Link to Trio on OpenSky:

Kevin James Bennett via OpenSky


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