Shout out to Beauty Bloggers

Thank you to all of our fabulous beauty blogging friends!

As the publicist for Three Custom Color Specialists, one of the best parts of my job is to work with some of the most creative, humorous, and scrutinizing beauty reviewers out there… Beauty Bloggers! So, here is a shout-out to our amazing supporters out there in the blogosphere. We at Three Custom Color genuinely appreciate their support of everything we do; from their enthusiasm about our new product launches (Light Brights rule!), to our celebrity news (yep, it’s true that we do have a HUGE custom blend file for Angelina Jolie).

Blogs are also a great way for us to learn! The experts at Three Custom Color Specialists are always paying attention to what shades the bloggers are wearing and what formulas they’re loving, so they can head straight to the lab to create products they and their readers will adore.

Check out some of the most recent blog posts that feature Three Custom Color Specialists. Click away and show them some love!

Lovely Magazine (Online) – Lovely Magazine featured Light Brights Lipsticks in the “Beauty Fab 4” Section (July Issue). – Trae shared her thoughts about being a “Mompreneur.”

Rare Bird Finds – This blog about unique shopping ideas featured that Century in Red Lip Palette.

Makeup Loves Me –Marina raved about Rebecca’s Favorite Crème to Powder Blush and recommended it for a bright pop of color.

Beauty Addict – Kristen profiled Three Custom Color Specialists and described how to order a discontinued shade from our archive.

Spoiled Pretty –To celebrate the season premiere of Project Runway, Nathan Johnson discussed his work on the show. He mentioned many Three Custom Color products, including: Champagne, Bronze, Copper, and Silver Eye Shadow, Clarifier Pencils, Navy Eye Pencil, Bellini Lip Gloss, Face Powders, and Flapper from A Century in Red Lip Palette.

This blog entry was re-posted on multiple sites including:

New York Magazine “Beauty Marks”


Blogging Project Runway

Product Fiend

Juicy Beauty –This blog post featured our custom blending service and discontinued lipstick archive.

ShinyGloss – Chad and Trae commented about the look they created for the Matthew Williamson Resort 09 shoot. They disclosed the products used on the shoot, including: Rebecca’s Favorite CTP Blush, Light Clarifier, Champagne Eye Shadow, Brow Powder #6, Clear Brow Gel, Crème Concealer, and Translucent Face Powder, and Sheering Gloss from the SPFX Palette.

A Little Dab Into Makeup –This blogger explained our Custom Blending service and how to send in a sample to be matched. The post also mentioned notable products in the Ready to Wear Collection, including: Light Brights Lipsticks, Light Brights High Shine Glosses, Poppy Lip & Cheek Stain, and Mom on the Go Lip & Cheek Stain.

Passion for Pretty Blog – Light Brights were featured on this blog.

Teen Vogue.Com –Eva Chen, Beauty Director of Teen Vogue blogged about her favorite lip color of the moment, Ballet Russe Lipstick (Coming Soon!)

Beautifile.Com – Beautifile reviewers tested Light Brights Lipsticks in Area, Palladium, and Limelight. Reviewers commented that they were “pleasantly surprised” with the shades and enjoyed the unique formula that is “somewhere between a lipstick, lip stain, and gloss.”

iVenus.Com – This UK-based website feature Light Brights Lipsticks and Glosses. A photo of Light Brights Lipsticks ran on the homepage and Light Brights Lip Glosses were profiled in the iVenus Loves Section as their weekly beauty pick.

SugarShock Beauty – Kristen loved the sheer pop of color and the “lipstick/lip stain” hybrid texture of Light Brights Lipstick in Palladium.

California Cosmetics –Lauren blogged about Light Brights High Shine Lip Gloss as a follow up to her glowing Light Brights Lipstick review.

ShinyGloss – Light Brights Lipsticks and High Shine Lip Gloss were featured on this website along with Trae’s Spring/Summer Face Chart. Trae provided tips on how to wear bright lip shades.

Spoiled Pretty– Pressed Translucent Face Powder won a Bronze Medal in the Face Category of Spoiled Pretty’s Beauty Olympics. Daneen included a link to her previous review of Translucent Face Powder, which she dubbed a “Holy Grail” product.