Three Custom Color Specialists in Los Angeles!

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Last weekend, Three Custom Color Specialists Co-Founders Chad Hayduk and Scott Catto joined NYC-based fashion designer, Miles Ehan at the Michael Kohn Gallery in Los Angeles. They were there to celebrate their friend, artist Will Cotton at the opening of his solo exhibition of new works.

Designer Miles Ehan with Three Custom Color Specialists’ Co-Founders Chad Hayduk and Scott Catto

You may be familiar with Cotton’s previous work; his painting of Katy Perry, which features the young singer reclining amid candy clouds, was used as the cover art for her album Teenage Dream. (Fun fact: Cotton’s long-time friend and Three Custom Color Specialists Co-Founder Scott Catto assisted making mounds of cotton candy that adorned the set Cotton created for this shoot!)

Will Cotton with Katy Perry

In this exhibition, Cotton presents paintings in which he incorporates the figure into his landscapes of sweets, rich chocolate, and ambrosial clouds and several of the painting featured in this exhibition featured the lovely Katy Perry.

Celebrity sightings at the gallery also included: James Spader, Molly Shannon, and Fran Drescher.

Rising-star designer, Miles Ehan collaborated with Will Cotton to create many of the “Cupcake Couture” dresses featured in the paintings on exhibition, including a dress composed of cupcake wrappers and a skirt made of cotton candy with a rock candy boddice.

Miles with a painting featuring a dress he collaborated on with Will Cotton.

Stayed tuned for more exciting news: Miles Ehan is partnering with his friends at Three Custom Color Specialists to bring the colors of his sugary sweet designs into the world of cosmetics! The new collection, debuting on January 27th, features an exciting first for Three Custom Color Specialists — a cotton-candy flavored lip gloss!

For more on Miles Ehan’s design inspirations, follow him on twitter @MilesEhan

For more information about the Will Cotton solo exhibition, visit

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