Candy Land Comes to Life! Chad Collaborates Once Again with Artist Will Cotton

Cockaigne, A live performance conceived of, designed and directed by Will Cotton and curated by Stacy Engman for Performa 11 at Prince George Ballroom

I was very excited to once again work with dear friend Will Cotton, and collaborate on the makeup looks for this fabulous evening of art, music dance and festivity. I have created many makeup looks for his paintings and many are featured in his new book, Will Cotton: Paintings and Works on Paper.

Dancers from New York City Ballet were dressed in custom cotton candy creations and set against a back drop of Cotton Candy Clouds. The live-action piece was performed in two acts – ACT I: Whipped Cream Duet for Two Violins and ACT II: Cotton Candy.

For the piece, we created an ethereal makeup look with pops of bright pink (Lollipop Lip & Cheek Stain) on the cheeks, glistening silver-whites (Silver and White Shimmer Eye shadow mixed and applied with a wet brush all over the lid) and Pink Shimmer (Icing on the Cupcake Eye Shadow) as an accent paired with doe-eyed eyeliner (Aurora Crème Eye Definer). Lollipop was painted on the lips as a stain then a veil of Candy Cloud 9 Lip gloss (which tastes like Cotton Candy!) was layered over for a 3-D effect.

A signature Cotton Candy fragrance, “Whipped Cream” was created exclusively for the event by Pascal Gaurin for IFF.

Purchase our Sweetest Thing Collection here and take a look at a step-by-step tutorial to get the look here!


Q&A with Makeup Artist Patricia Regan

Patricia often calls upon Three Custom Color Specialists to create custom colors for her high profile work in film and television. Her recent credits include: Remember Me, Shutter Island, Burn After Reading, The Good Shepard, Factotum, Flight of the Concords, and HBO’s five-part miniseries Mildred Pierce, based on the 1941 novel by James M. Cain. Kate Winslet stars as Mildred Pierce and Evan Rachel Wood also stars as Veda Pierce. Click here for a preview on HBO.Com

A native of Switzerland, Patricia originally moved to New York with a scholarship to study dance. It was then when she first became enamored with the power of make up to enhance the arts. “I always loved theatrical make-up and its ability to bring characters alive,” Patricia says. Thereafter, she made a gradual transition to becoming a makeup artist, at first working with photographers for fellow performing arts friends, and then journeyed through all aspects of music, television, rock ‘n’ roll, the beauty industry, commercials and ultimately, creating characters for feature films. Patricia says, “I am so lucky and forever grateful, for I love what I do.”

Patricia’s favorite Three Custom Color Specialists products are featured on our Pro’s Picks page. Read on to get to know more about Patricia and her work.

Q: How were you introduced to Three Custom Color Specialists?
A: We met several years ago ( 2002 I think…… ), I used to sit for Will Cotton, who’s an amazing painter. I believe it was a birthday party for Will, during which his girlfriend Rose introduced me to Chad and Scott. She had told me all about them prior and I found them so lovely that I wanted to know more about their product.

Q: What’s it like to work with us?
A: I enjoy the fact that I can go see them. The turnaround on orders is very quick and they are always a pleasure.

Q: It seems that you work on a lot of period pieces, how do you begin designing makeup for these types of films? How do you approach it? What are your biggest challenges or favorite parts of the process?
A: I guess I have done a fair share of period work, just getting ready for another……… my designs are based on extensive research and my directors visions as well as the actors character. I always try to find little nuances to tell the story, of course working very close with the hair design, costume designer and further the set design. My favorite part, I guess that would be the finished product when everything comes together and looking right for the time period.

Q: What qualities do you look for in products that you bring on set?
A: I need the products that I bring on set to work smooth and simple, as time is always very limited.

Q: Can you describe the makeup looks in Mildred Pierce?
A: Mildred Pierce story spans from 1931 to 1940 roughly, during which tie young Veda is coming of age. Post depression child to the glamour of the late thirties becoming a ‘coloratura soprano’… that’s all I can say at this time…

Q: What Three Custom Color Specialists products did you bring with you on the set of Mildred Pierce?
A: Custom blended eye shadows, Cream to Powder Blushes and gorgeous lip colors.

Q: What are your favorite Three Custom Color Products?
A: I would have to say my absolute favorites are the Cream to Powder Blushes, I am never without them! They are versatile – I use them continuously on men, children and (of course) women, to enhance the complexion all over, or simply as blush. The application is flawless and I find I have complete control over the saturation of color. The Lip Stains are fantastic; giving me the opportunity to add or change natural lip color without looking like painted on lipstick.

Q: Any particular colors you like the most?
A: For the colors, I would have to say my favorite is a custom blended Creme to Powder blush in a true red that Chad first created for me for Havana Nights, a movie set in the late fifties. I have used it ever since – I think it should be called “Patricia’s Red!” The other blush shades always with me are: Beige, Brown, Red and Pink. I love their lip pencils – Warm and Cool Pink, Warm Brown and Burgundy – as well as the Clarifier, fantastic for quick touch ups on set! The lip palettes are definitely great to have on hand. I like that they are small and easy to carry. I have all of them and they have been trusty little saviors!

Three Custom Color Specialists in Los Angeles!

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Last weekend, Three Custom Color Specialists Co-Founders Chad Hayduk and Scott Catto joined NYC-based fashion designer, Miles Ehan at the Michael Kohn Gallery in Los Angeles. They were there to celebrate their friend, artist Will Cotton at the opening of his solo exhibition of new works.

Designer Miles Ehan with Three Custom Color Specialists’ Co-Founders Chad Hayduk and Scott Catto

You may be familiar with Cotton’s previous work; his painting of Katy Perry, which features the young singer reclining amid candy clouds, was used as the cover art for her album Teenage Dream. (Fun fact: Cotton’s long-time friend and Three Custom Color Specialists Co-Founder Scott Catto assisted making mounds of cotton candy that adorned the set Cotton created for this shoot!)

Will Cotton with Katy Perry

In this exhibition, Cotton presents paintings in which he incorporates the figure into his landscapes of sweets, rich chocolate, and ambrosial clouds and several of the painting featured in this exhibition featured the lovely Katy Perry.

Celebrity sightings at the gallery also included: James Spader, Molly Shannon, and Fran Drescher.

Rising-star designer, Miles Ehan collaborated with Will Cotton to create many of the “Cupcake Couture” dresses featured in the paintings on exhibition, including a dress composed of cupcake wrappers and a skirt made of cotton candy with a rock candy boddice.

Miles with a painting featuring a dress he collaborated on with Will Cotton.

Stayed tuned for more exciting news: Miles Ehan is partnering with his friends at Three Custom Color Specialists to bring the colors of his sugary sweet designs into the world of cosmetics! The new collection, debuting on January 27th, features an exciting first for Three Custom Color Specialists — a cotton-candy flavored lip gloss!

For more on Miles Ehan’s design inspirations, follow him on twitter @MilesEhan

For more information about the Will Cotton solo exhibition, visit

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