OpenSky Exclusive: Eye Shadow Trio + FREE Eye Pencil by Three Custom Color Specialists

Once a year Pantone®, the company that calibrates the colors integrated into our daily lives (publishing, home furnishings, fashion, etc.), announces a ‘Color Of The Year’. For 2013 they’ve chosen Pantone® Emerald 17-5641. It’s a lively, radiant cool green that looks great against most skin-tones.

I wanted to celebrate this gorgeous color, so I worked with my friends at Three Custom Color to create a special 3 color eye shadow palette exclusively for OpenSky. Two eye makeup staples, a pale shimmering peach and a rich warm brown flank the satiny sheer green shadow. This trio creates a beautifully sophisticated, but slightly unexpected eye makeup. Even those of you that are ‘color-phobic” will feel comfortable wearing this very fashionable green shade as an accent liner or under your eyes to add some smoky color.

If you’re feeling artistic, mix the green shadow with the brown, it becomes the most gorgeous Khaki color.

Bonus Round: To make this deal even sweeter, my pals at 3CC are giving OpenSky customers a FREE Dark Brown eyeliner pencil with every palette. Now who doesn’t need a premium quality Dark Brown eyeliner, especially a free one?

Link to Trio on OpenSky:

Kevin James Bennett via OpenSky


Inspirational Istanbul: Tiles,Turkish Delight &…..Pomegranate Juice?


Scott Catto, Managing Director, Three Custom Color Specialists, gives us an inside look at the Co-Founders’ recent trip to Istanbul…

Living and working in NYC we definitely get our share of Christmas cheer beginning right after Halloween.  So this year we decided to take a break and high tail it to Istanbul where we figured the daily call to prayer from the Blue Mosque might be a nice change of pace.  Little did we know that in Istanbul the Christmas holiday is actually kept alive and well in many hotels and Inns right through to New Year’s Eve.  No escaping holiday music for us!

The sights, sounds and scents in this ancient city are thrilling – The Aya Sofia houses Byzantine mosaics you saw photos of in Art History class, incredible tile work lines the walls in the Topkapi Palace Harem, there are shops filled with Turkish Delight and Baklava and spice markets where mounds of Turkish flavors go on for as far as the eye can see.

pomegranate press

Before leaving for Turkey we did quite a bit of research but never dreamed that we would come back inspired by something that was right under our noses all along:  Pomegranate Juice!  We were warned not to be tempted by the many street carts selling the juice because it tasted like medicine, but we couldn’t resist! Luck was on our side because we happened upon just the right cart where  the pomegranate juice was cut with the smallest amount of fresh orange juice taking the bitterness that many complain of AWAY!


We are now converts and purchased a commercial grade juicer – Pomegranate Juice, anyone?  Before we even touched down at JFK we knew exactly what was going to be happening in our Lab the next day and here it is – a moist, sheer sultry crimson-pink lipstick in our award winning sheer formula. It has an incredible stain, that will make you look just like you were eating fresh, juicy pomegranates!

1920s Lips – Cupid’s Bow


Clara Bow – the IT-Girl of the Roaring Twenties – was notorious for her perfectly painted pout! Everyone wanted it! Even Betty Boop and the “boop-boop-a-doop-girl,” Helen Kane, were modeled after her prominent bow like lips. Little did the public know that lip shaping was a solution to the heat created from movie lighting – Lipstick just wouldn’t stay put! So greasepaint foundation was used to cover the natural lip line and then thumbprints were placed at the lips center, creating what we affectionately call a Cupid’s bow. The name is based on the lips resemblance to the bow of Cupid, the Roman god of erotic love. Now, when you think of the Great Gatsby years, a cupid’s bow immediately springs to mind.

If a deep “V” accents you upper lip, then you’re lucky enough to have a Cupid’s Bow. The rest of us are left to deepening or creating the “V” with a natural color lip liner and then shading the bottom lip with a darker liner to create a pout. Three Custom Color has an extensive selection of lip liners suited for creating a natural looking bow.

Best in Beauty: Who Had the Best Makeup at the Golden Globes? Vote Now!

Soft and elegant makeup, highlighted with a subtle wash of color across the eye lids and strong black liner stole the show at the Golden Globes. Our Makeup & Color Specialists selected a few standout makeup looks from the evening and would like for you to vote on who should win the prize for best makeup of the night!

Adele, Golden Globes 2013 – minimal makeup (rosy lips and a hint of blusher) keeping the focus on her kohl lined eyes.

Nicole Richie, Golden Globes 2013 – Matching her dress and baby blue eye shadow proved to be a hit! This modern look worked well with her nude-pink tinted lips, purple liner on the lower lashes for dimension, and lashes emphasizing the corners of her eyes.

Tina Fey, Golden Globes 2013, opted for a natural face, which looks amazing since with her flawless skin, and paired it with a heavily lined eye.

Jodie Foster, Golden Globes 2013 – Talk about 50 and fabulous! Her smokey eye and nude lip/cheek couldn’t have been more flattering.

Claire Danes, 2013 Golden Globes – Claire took her attire into consideration and went with an equally sultry, smoky eye, neutral lip, and, of course, glowing skin.

Best in Beauty: Five People’s Choice Awards Makeup Looks We Love

If the red carpet at People’s Choice Awards is any indication for spring makeup, then our prediction was correct – moist beige lips and smoky eyes are the “IT” look!! This safe makeup selection was often paired with a bold color choice in garments – nothing new there. Perhaps hairstyles were the main attraction last night, we spotted a few daring dos, notably Lea Michele’s cornrows, Taylor Spreitler’s braided updo, and Naomi Watt’s dramatic tucked-under ‘do.

Where, oh where, was emerald? Pantone Color of the Year seemed to have little influence on makeup and dress selections.  Due to red and green being complementary colors, green can be a difficult color to pull off on the red carpet, as it can cause one to end up looking a bit “Christmassy.”  Nevertheless we did expect it to make an appearance due to its new found fame.

Overall, everyone played it safe – basic looks, nothing blew us away. We’ll be looking to the Golden Globes on Sunday and the upcoming Oscars for more daring makeup and color choices. WOW us!!! And congratulations to the nominees!!

Naomi Watts kept her makeup simple and mixed things up a bit with her hairstyle – a faux bob! Get the look with Cool Beige lipstick, Beige CTP Blush, and a smokey eye.

Get Kaley Cuoco’s sweet look with Warm Violet lip gloss and Mauve blush! Remember our color prediction yesterday on Facebook? We love rosé for it’s versatility – looks good on just about everyone. Well, Kaley’s the only person who wore it.

Get Heidi Klum’s pretty, soft look with Cool Rose lipstick, Wallflower Watercolour on cheeks, and create a smoky eye with Jupiter Creme Eye Definer, paired with Champagne Eye Shadow.

Rumer Willis paired Pinky/beige lips with a smoky eye. Get the look with Cool Rose lipstick!!

Emma Watson added color to the night with a smokey eye and a bold, fuchsia lip. Try Bora Bora lipstick for a pop of color!

Jennifer Lawrence rocked a beige lip with a smoky eye. We recommend our Cool Beige lipstick to get the look.

The Right Red Lipstick: A Fool-Proof Guide on How-To Wear Red!!

If you don’t have one, you want one. A scintillating red lipstick that speaks before you do.

It has evaded women for centuries and created longing desires as one woman looks to another and questions, how did she do it? How did she find that red lipstick?

We’ll begin by boldly stating, there’s no right red. There’s simply the red that works for your undertone and personal desire. Some want it subtle, others want it vibrant, matte, shiny, etc. – and we’re here to equip you with the knowledge necessary to get what you want. Whether you wear it every day, on special occasions, or just want to have the comfort of knowing it’s tucked away in your makeup drawer – we have you covered!

Think you can’t pull off red lipstick, think again! Here’s how:

  • Warm complexions should look for a brick red for a more natural look. To be bold, try a color with cool undertones, like an orange/tangerine red. For a lip that subtly dazzles, try a red that shimmers with gold or bronze flecks.
  • The most natural red for a cool complexion will be a blue-based or berry-red. For a deeper, more dramatic look, select burgundy- wine shades.

Don’t know if you’re warm or cool? The easiest, fool-proof way is to take the Warm vs. Cool Test.

Now that you have the tools to choose the perfect color, here’s what Chad Hayduk, Co-Founder of Three Custom Color Specialists recommends!

Scarlett Johansson – Ballet Russe, a sumptuous sheer blue-red

Jessica Alba – Charmed I’m Sure, universally flattering sheer red

Go sheer! The most universally flattering reds reveal and combine with the natural pigment in your lips. Try either our award-winning Ballet Russe Sheer Lipstick (a blue-red) or Charmed I’m Sure if you’re a middle of the road kind of gal (it’s the perfect neutral!).

Oscars, February 2012

Angelina Jolie – Candy Apple, a glossy, true red

Multidimensional Shine + Sheer Coverage = a lip gloss! Chad recommends Three Custom Color Specialists’ Candy Apple (a bright true red)!

Megan Fox – Rosie the Riveter, a rich blue-red

Want that classic Old Hollywood red lip? Semi-matte retro reds are great for evening. If you’re cool toned, try “Rosie the Riveter” (a rich blue-red).

Lauren Conrad – Warm Burgundy, deep wine tone

Wanna take a Dark Turn? Warm Burgundy is a deep, robust wine tone. Why, it’s bloody fabulous!

Another tip: make sure to line your lips for extra polish and longer wear- try Warm Red or Cool Red Lip liner.

The Sri Lanka Collection: 908 Carats of Prismatic Brilliance Inspire a Micro Collection of Gemstone Shades!

Sri Lanka, once known affectionately as “Ratna-Dweepa” or Gem Island, is a haven for some of the world’s most precious stones. One a recent trip, one of our Founders, Chad Hayduk, was so mesmerized by the prismatic luster of the country’s gemstones that he set out to capture their radiance stateside. The result – two shimmering shades that dazzle like their namesake stones.


Smokey Topaz Eye ShadowSMOKEY TOPAZ EYE SHADOW ($22.50) – A rich burnished gold with gleams of warm bronze and copper. Use wet or dry over the lower lid and wet along the lash line. Top with Aurora or Jupiter Crème Eye Definer for definition along the lash line.


Diamonds Are Forever Lip GlossDIAMONDS ARE FOREVER LIP GLOSS ($21.50) – A highly reflective diamond shimmer that reflects any color near it. We were inspired by the 4 C’s-color, cut, clarity and carat weight and have designed the perfect diamond gloss in a wand. Wear alone or over your favorite lipstick for a splash of “sparkling diamonds.”


Three Custom Color Specialists’ Smokey Topaz Eye Shadow and Diamonds are Forever Lip Gloss are available on