Get Adriana Lima’s Super Sultry Look!

Get the Look: Adriana Lima


In celebration of the beautiful Adriana Lima’s 32nd birthday, we’re revealing how to get one of her most stunning looks!

For those sultry eyes, apply a wash of  Warm Nectar Eye Shadow across the upper lid. Use Opaline Creme Eye Definer in Aurora to line the inner rim of the eye, as well as upper & lower- it won’t smudge or transfer! Warm Smoke Eye Shadow will have an eye brightening effect when applied to the inner corners (and a little below the lower lash line) of the eyes. Finish up with a natural flush by using Rebecca’s Favorite Blush on the cheeks and a bold coral lipstick, we like Copacabana.

….. and, Voila! You’ve got the look!





MAC Hey Sailor! Limited Edition Collection - Amplified Salute!

Discontinued Lipstick Match: MAC Amplified Salute!

Ahoy, mates! We’ve news from the hi seas – discontinued lipstick MAC, Amplified Salute! from the Hey Sailor limited edition collection is available in our online archive of discontinued shades. It’s an opaque, full coverage, neutral peach lipstick with a swashbuckling nautical theme, perfect for summer nights spent seaside!

For this and other hidden makeup treasures, be sure to “Search Discontinued Shades” on our website,


Discontinued Lipstick Match (Angelina Jolie’s Fave Nude!): Guerlain, Divinora 480

Celebrate Angelina Jolie’s birthday in her favorite nude lipstick, Guerlain’s Divinora 480! Discontinued many moons ago, our Color Specialists picked up where the company left off and recreate the shade especially for Angelina… and all the other Divinora 480 lovers! If you too think this might be your perfect nude lipstick, see here. We’ll recreate it for you too!

Discontinued Lipstick Match: Guerlain, Divinora 480