Facebook Inspiration to Three Custom Product: Pink Sparkle Lips!


Inspiration: Pink Sparkle Lips from Facebook

Your Facebook influence is bigger than big – we’re talking epic proportions! We were flooded with comments to recreate a lip color in an image we posted on Facebook (image above) and decided to do it! That’s the beauty of being custom blending specialists; we can turn on a dime to bring your makeup desires to life! Marisa Fazzina, our Senior Color Specialist, details the creative process behind this pretty pink lip gloss… And if you’re not following us on Facebook, I think you should, www.facebook.com/threecustom.

pink sparkle lips

Result: Pink Sparkle Lips

One of my favorite things to do is translate various color references into cosmetic products.  Sometimes it’s taking a non-makeup item such as fabric or a paint swatch and interpreting that into makeup that’s wearable, applies smoothly, and has a great texture. That’s where my experience as a makeup artist really comes in handy. 

In this instance, the reference was a beauty image of lips that are light pink topped with gold glitter – a fabulous look, but not so comfortable to wear in real life.  Plus it’s two layers.  When asked to turn this reference into one product to “get the look,” I have to not only consider the original visual, but also the person wearing it.  This means how convenient will it be, is it easy to apply, and most importantly, how does it feel on the lips.  By interpreting it into a gloss and using our Crystal Clear formula as a base to buoy the sparkles, it becomes all of those things… and pretty too!

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