Behind the Scenes: Creating Custom Makeup & Matching Discontinued Lipsticks at Three Custom Color Specialists

A behind the scenes look at Three Custom Color Specialists’ Beauty Lab where Color Specialists hand-blend custom cosmetics and discontinued makeup products. Here, our Creative Director and Co-Founder, Chad Hayduk, is putting his skills to the test by  recreating a discontinued lipstick live for Clearvision host, Annamaria Chen.


Founded in 1997, Three Custom Color Specialists offers exclusive Custom Blended and Ready-to-Wear color cosmetics for the eyes, lips, cheeks and face embracing all skin tones. Three Custom Color Specialists’ unique expertise in custom blending has led to more than 250 Ready to Wear products and an archive of more than 9,000 discontinued shades of lipsticks dating back to the 1930s. Three Custom Color Specialists’ products are available at select beauty boutiques worldwide, via the hotline at 888.262.7714 at their Color Studio in New York City and online at