The Right Red Lipstick: A Fool-Proof Guide on How-To Wear Red!!

If you don’t have one, you want one. A scintillating red lipstick that speaks before you do.

It has evaded women for centuries and created longing desires as one woman looks to another and questions, how did she do it? How did she find that red lipstick?

We’ll begin by boldly stating, there’s no right red. There’s simply the red that works for your undertone and personal desire. Some want it subtle, others want it vibrant, matte, shiny, etc. – and we’re here to equip you with the knowledge necessary to get what you want. Whether you wear it every day, on special occasions, or just want to have the comfort of knowing it’s tucked away in your makeup drawer – we have you covered!

Think you can’t pull off red lipstick, think again! Here’s how:

  • Warm complexions should look for a brick red for a more natural look. To be bold, try a color with cool undertones, like an orange/tangerine red. For a lip that subtly dazzles, try a red that shimmers with gold or bronze flecks.
  • The most natural red for a cool complexion will be a blue-based or berry-red. For a deeper, more dramatic look, select burgundy- wine shades.

Don’t know if you’re warm or cool? The easiest, fool-proof way is to take the Warm vs. Cool Test.

Now that you have the tools to choose the perfect color, here’s what Chad Hayduk, Co-Founder of Three Custom Color Specialists recommends!

Scarlett Johansson – Ballet Russe, a sumptuous sheer blue-red

Jessica Alba – Charmed I’m Sure, universally flattering sheer red

Go sheer! The most universally flattering reds reveal and combine with the natural pigment in your lips. Try either our award-winning Ballet Russe Sheer Lipstick (a blue-red) or Charmed I’m Sure if you’re a middle of the road kind of gal (it’s the perfect neutral!).

Oscars, February 2012

Angelina Jolie – Candy Apple, a glossy, true red

Multidimensional Shine + Sheer Coverage = a lip gloss! Chad recommends Three Custom Color Specialists’ Candy Apple (a bright true red)!

Megan Fox – Rosie the Riveter, a rich blue-red

Want that classic Old Hollywood red lip? Semi-matte retro reds are great for evening. If you’re cool toned, try “Rosie the Riveter” (a rich blue-red).

Lauren Conrad – Warm Burgundy, deep wine tone

Wanna take a Dark Turn? Warm Burgundy is a deep, robust wine tone. Why, it’s bloody fabulous!

Another tip: make sure to line your lips for extra polish and longer wear- try Warm Red or Cool Red Lip liner.


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